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Our History

The History of Moorthy Cafe can be traced all the way back to 1955. Founded by Mr. S. Dhakshina Moorthy and Mrs. Nagavalli under the name of Moorthy Cafe Veg and Non-Veg Hotel, which over the years have become famous with its name and cooking style. It was first originated in North Main Road, Chidambaram. Mr. S. Dhakshina Moorthy soul reached god on 20-08-1976. New Moorthy Cafe started at Thandai Periyar Bus stand by Mr. S. Dhakshina Moorthy's sons following his footsteps.
Multiple branches in the name of Moorthy Cafe evolved around the year in different places of Chidambaram.

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Taste and Quality

Here’s your most wanted South Indian Style Chettinad Non-Veg food served hot and spicy with a mother's touch of spicy masala grounded in traditional method, added to your food to keep the aroma fresh and tasty. Come enjoy your non-veg food at New Moorthy cafe Restaurant.

Our Advantages

NMC has the conviction to serve its customers with the best quality dishes prepared with the motherly care and we ensure consistent taste in all of our dishes for all times to come. It is with this endeavour we work to serve the best of the best to our customers.

  • Feel the taste of Chidambaram
  • Pleasant Atmosphere
  • Centralized fast Service
  • Amenities Facilities
  • Party Arrangements
  • Reservation Facilities

Chidambaram invites you to a pleasurable, affordable, hygienic, fresh food experience at Moorthy Cafe.
Come on.. give it a try :) I'm sure you would love it too :)